Why We Take Cash Payments

29 September 2013
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29 September 2013, Comments: 1

Here at the Shirt & Uniform, we are often asked several questions. Is it possible to issue a posted dated check? Can you front the money ahead of time for us? Can you release the items before the check has cleared? Sadly, we have to answer no to all of these questions. These situations are common so allow us to explain again why we must take cash for payment. We have several underlying reasons.

The number one reason is because we don’t make that much of our tshirts. This is for our customers sake so they can get the best price for their items . In return what we ask is simply to pay so we can cover our raw material  suppliers immediately. Without this we will never get agreeable discount terms and then in turn pass them on to you the customers.

Also, it has always been a tradition in Philippine Chinatown to pay in cash. Most general goods store have upheld this rule, even up till now.  This is an business oddity in Binondo but it has worked well for a lot of the merchants, including us at the Shirt  & Uniform outlet and we thank those who follow by this. It is more unwritten than anything, and for newcomers we understand if this rule seems a bit restricting.

Another question that is brought up is the use of manager’s check. In one instance we took one but yet even with the endorsement of a bank, the check did not go through. The bank is not held liable and in turn us the merchants were left taking the loss. So we hope you can understand why we wait until the full amount has been cashed despite the type of check. We allow all of our customers to deposit to the bank if they feel that carrying too much money is a security risk.

We ran into a situation a short while back where the customer wanted to pay us in check but wanted to get the items first. You could see the dilemma behind this as we had to wait when the check cashed in about 3 days. You want to avoid these situations because it creates so much uncertainty for the delivery dates and times. We are also not functioning as a bank and we will not bankroll a huge purchase order no matter if it is a million pieces or two billion pieces.

Rest assured we have three branches and we will be going nowhere with your money.

A sign of a good business is being able to pay for an item cash and establishing a business relationships is a two way street.  We want to be financially safe. We have had long standing relationships with our customers who to this day continue to pay in cash regardless of the sizes of their orders. This applies to future customers who want to purchase from us as well.

We wish all of our customers continued success and we hope we can do future shirt orders with you. Thank you.

The Shirt & Uniform Staff

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  1. July saluria says:

    Hi can you take credit card payment. We will be using a company issued card and we can pay ahead of time.

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