Why Election Shirts Are All The Rage

29 September 2013
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29 September 2013, Comments: 1

In most election campaigns in the Philippines, a key component in promoting a candidate is the use of election giveaways. These include hats, vest, pins, and the most important item: t-shirts. Tees are the most cost effective means compared to the more expensive garments such as vests. Tshirts have a variety of use for politicians who want to win their desired position. The shirts are either tees or polos, we have noticed that most orders we get are for white tees. Other popular colors include yellow, orange, and lime green. These represent the parties within the Philippine government. These are usually given out during rallies. Here at Shirt & Uniform, we keep ourselves extremely busy during the election season. Whether it be barangay or national, here is some more information that may shed light on possible purchasers.

In terms of printing we have several tips. For campaign slogans on the shirt, we usually recommend a short or abbreviated version. Keep the number of colors down to lower the cost per tee. The colors should be bright to highlight the name of the candidate. Choose fonts that are bold and serious. Back and forth printing is preferred but not a requirement. Most importantly, check for proper spelling and request a sample print before you proceed with the full production. Photographic prints are also an option to show a realistic picture of the candidate but they take a longer time to produce. They can also be produced and printed on within a short amount of time, give or take a couple of days and on the quantity. We recommend either using our election line of tees on this.

* Embroideries are also an option, but they cost more and are usually placed on our polos. We recommend Southport and Whistler polos in honeycomb to achieve this. They are a bit pricier, 80 pesos and above per piece, and they are reserved for staff members and the said politician himself rather than for giving out to the masses.

Some of the most effective political artwork have been done by graphic designers. Although more expensive, your money is put to good use because people will remember the candidate more. In an election, apperances are everything and a beautiful design can mean the difference between a vote for you or for the other canditate.

Election shirts continue to pay off dividends for politicians. People won’t wear caps as much and electoral banners/tarpulines will be taken off after the election. Having your name on cars and on relief goods are in poor taste. So whast is left? That’s right, the election tshirt. These tees are even worn after the campaign, some of them last for years. A perfect example is cigarette vendors to this day still wear the Mark Jimenez “hulog ng langit” shirts. Erap Estrada also had a catchy moniker, “Erap para sa Mahirap” (he won that year). Go to any major mall in Metro Manila, and you’ll most likely see tees from the previous elections. High recall means being in the conscious of the Filipino voters for a longer period of time.

We would also like to caution the proliferation of the one million tshirt order, we usually do not take these orders as a huge amount of capital is required to be given. Apart from that, the price asked is too low and we cannot compete with it without sacrificing quality. 25 pesos shirt is too thin and our margins would be extremely low in that regard. Finally, on a production level the time given to us of one to three months is not feasible. Feel free to order the more realistic amounts of 1,000 to 50,000 pieces from us, we will gladly serve your shirt order then.

Win or lose , marketing through shirts is only one aspect of candidacy. The aspirations of a political person should still be grounded in sound fundamentals and moral values. No amount of shirts will substitute for prudent judgement, proper vocation, and a willingness to help the community. Voters, purchasers, and all Filipinos alike should be sure that the person they are voting for stands for what they stand for. Good luck to all the future politicians and may you keep us in mind for the next batch of campaign shirts!

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