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2 February 2016
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2 February 2016, Comments: 5

Every election time we are often asked, “do you have any white tshirts?”.  We hope this post can help you learn more about our white tshirts, one of our best sellers here at the Shirt & Uniform outlet. White tshirts come in two main types, round necks and vnecks. We do not carry vneck shirts but we do specialise in carrying white tshirts.

First off, our white tshirts are made in the Philippines! We are connected with various garment factories that produce these shirts. Although you can also import from China, the sizes may be inconsistent and they require large quantities as well. Many people have tried to get cheaper prices but they usually end up buying from us. You can trust our brands Whistler, Southport, amd Softex on both price and quality. * We can give you these wholesale prices and deliver if you reach our volume quantity.

We use them for a variety of purposes, most of the time they are used for promotion activities and for uniforms by companies in Manila. Recently, they have become very popular for election campaign purposes. Most congressmen and even senators use our white tshirts and print.

What are the things you should look for in white round necks tshirts? First, make sure the thickness is good enough, we recommend 130 gsm and higher. The shirt is no good if it’s too thin and see through. One good test is to throw the tshirt in the air, if it floats then it’s not a good sign. The next thing is to make sure the material is made of cotton and polyester. Pure cotton shirts tend to shrink and are too expensive. 100% polyester shirts are too hot, especially for the Philippine climate. Also, check and wear the sizing and make sure it is not undersized. Free size should be able to fit everyone. Finally, check the shade of white as well as wash it at least three times to see is durable enough and won’t tear or have loose yarn strands.

Please be careful when handling white round necks tshirts! They get dirty easily. On our part, we try to package them in sacks as secure and neat as possible.

We hope this article has been helpful for you, as always please don’t hesitate to reach us at shirtuniform @ gmail.com for any inquries. Thank you!


5 responses on “White T-Shirts Philippines

  1. Wakilur says:

    Please let me know-
    100% cotton ,
    140-160 GSM,
    Asian size,
    Round neck and V-neck,
    Minimum qty-50 piece.
    What will be the Price?

  2. Wakilur says:

    Single jersey

  3. Angie says:

    Can u send me pricelist and brand of shirts .

  4. Divina says:

    Im un need for 50 million of plain withe t Shirts please let me know th pric and the estimate tim

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