Which Philippine Tshirt Brand to Choose

24 April 2014
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24 April 2014, Comments: 4

When it comes to choosing tshirts from Manila, the hardest thing is to choose a tee that you can consistently rely on future purchases. There are plenty of shirts in Manila, and some will say there are too many brands out there. You can find them in almost any department store clothes section or further off malls. But the center of all wholesale philippine tshirt purchases happen in Divisoria, Binondo, and Quiapo. Purchasers and customers alike flock to these areas but often are given too many shirt choices.

Our suggestion is, for long term success, never give your customers or clients shirts from China or shirts that are too cheap. The reason is because you are never sure of the quality. The thickness of the shirt will change from time to time, causing confusion and concern. Another thing is the unpredictable pricing of the garment. With the Shirt & Uniform Outlet, our prices change from one to two pesos a month but with less known shirt products that figure may vary greatly. Again, the quality and pricing are huge problems for other tshirt brands.

Our top selling tshirts are Whistler and Flipper, these have been around for years and we have never received any complaints. Softex and Southport come a very close second. The preferred colors are white, navy blue, black, and shades of green. We suggest ordering them on per year to replenish and replace your uniform requirements. Shirt printers are also used to the material of Whistler shirts, so you can rest assure you won’t have delays in printing designs and graphics on them. Flipper has a different material for the shirts but maintains the overall quality for the budget shirt / cost conscious consumers.

Our shirts take a very long time before they start to fade, but just to be sure try to avoid using strong detergent and bleach with them. Proper shirt washing practices ensure the longevity of your garment. Don’t wash your colored tees and separate the whites as well . Shirts with prints or embroidery on them should be washed with more care especially on the printed graphic or tees. These shirts are proudly made in the Philippines which is another reason to support them as well.

We hope this post has helped you in your research for an affordable and reliable shirt company form the Philippines!

4 responses on “Which Philippine Tshirt Brand to Choose

  1. Dhail says:

    I wonder if softex, whistler and other CVCs are good medium for discharge prints. Others suggest using 100% cotton fabric for this kind of ink. Do you also carry 100% cotton shirts?

  2. Wilfredo manaay jr says:

    Want to buy 250 long sleeves shirts choco brown

  3. Wilfredo manaay jr says:

    Want to buy 250 long sleeves tshirt
    choco brown
    preferred brand hi one or derby chock
    Please send price per size
    Thank you

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