Tips When Ordering From Shirt & Uniform

29 September 2013
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29 September 2013, Comments: 1

This a list of tips to make ordering through Shirt & Uniform a much easier experience.

Familiarize yourself with one sales person and stick to that sales person. Refer to that person in the subject of your emails or texts inquiries. The store phones are shared so please remember to mention the promos name in your messages. This way that person has previous knowledge of your t shirt orders and that knows all of the pertinent details. This is especially true when it comes to printing orders.

Tshirt printing is tricky, especially if it’s your first time. You’ll have lots of of questions about the price and the procedures. Usually we will quote you and then we will lay out the design for you through e-mail so you’ll know how it looks like on a shirt. We then print out an actual on a tshirt then show this to you. Only then after your tacit approval do we proceed with the printing. Printing takes about one to two weeks. We are on top of things so there is no need to call us to follow up.

Although we try our best to stock everything in about 20 percent of the cases we do not have what you want in the store. To avoid this try to order two weeks ahead of time so we can prepare and restock the item fully. You can fax or e-mail your order ahead of time.  This also reduces the need to wait when you do get to the store.

If and when you choose to order at the store, make sure you have sizes and the order break down in mind. Customers find it difficult to count and tally shirt breakdowns in our store because of the noise and congestion sometimes. We open early in the mornings at around 9am, so the best time to go would be then to avoid traffic.

Have sample sizes with you and invest in a couple of different sized t-shirts so you won’t have to keep buying them store them in a safe location. And then refer back to them because the shirt sizes never change. This goes the same for color swatches which can be found on our website. If you have further difficulties you can always call our phone numbers.

Shirts don’t seem like they are heavy but in sufficient numbers they can be quite the load to carry. Be sure you have an SUV or truck that can handle the weight. You could risk damaging the suspension yof your vehicle if you overload it with cargo. Inquire with us, for an additional fee we can deliver the shirts for you.

Our pricing varies month to month due to the price of yarn which is cyclical.  Demand is a determinant of the price and it peaks on the holiday season. Be sure to download the latest price list, if you quoted based on the previous months price and yet plan to order the following month, the price will be based upon when we get th items.  Give an allowance and order at least a week before the month ends.

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