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30 September 2013
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30 September 2013, Comments: 0

These are some of the questions that were raised by several of our customers who run their own shirt printing business. It is definitely not easy but these questions should help you take that first step into plunging into this endeavor.

Who your target market?  Who are you catering to?  Is it high volume or low volume?  Where will you get the contacts to sell to?  How many employees are you starting with? Who will run the day to day operations?  Who is the secretary?  Who is the treasurer? How many customers do you want to have?

Will you time the business for the holiday season? Are you going ahead in the lean months?  When are you getting your money back? How many days will you invest in the shirt printing business seminar? Are you open on Sundays? Will you have extended hours when the shirt printing season gets busy?

Will you marketing your shirt printing services online?  Will you have a storefront nearby?  Is your location ideal for the customers?  Does it have parking?  How long will it take to get there from your residence?  Are there too many shirt printers competitors around the area?  Is it close to your suppliers?  Is a close to your talent pool?

Do you have enough capital to start with your printing venture?  Will you have any other partners?  What type of business will your shirt printing fall under? Do you have money set aside in case of unforeseen losses?  Do you have a list of paint suppliers already? Who will be constructing the printing tables? Are you setting up a website?  What is your mode payment? Will you allow check or delayed payments on your printing services? What type of printing will you do (heat press or screen)?

Are knowledgeable in screen printing?  Do you enjoy a graphic design work?  Are you a detailed oriented person?  Do you have people that you can trust printing shirts with?  Do you think you can be the best shirt printer there is out there?  Are you printing tees for yourself or for your family?

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