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30 September 2013
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30 September 2013, Comments: 6

T-shirt printing is a great way to earn money and make a living in the Philippines. The T-Shirt Printing Business is 3 billion pesos industry in the Philippines. Most companies require promotional giveaways and people are always looking to sell humor statement tees. Indeed, Entrepreneur magazine has featued this business time and again as a source of viable income.

It is relatively easy to start a tee shirt printing business. If you have a small amount of savings and people you can trust you can get up and running within a month’s time. There are two different types of tshirt printing: screen based and heat press. There are pros and cons for each. Heat press is generally slower and requires more energy but has more creative options and a better earning margin.

Here at the Shirt & Uniform Outlet we focus on the high volume method which a screen printing. We have our own option to print the shirts for you but should you choose to go on your own this article will also serve you well.

Screen printing involves placing a screen within a wooden frame that has a mesh that contains the image or stencil. Paint is then applied on the screen and then it is squeegeed on to the surface. One color per screen so it takes several screens to produce a brightly colored image. For heatpress it is just one design on a transfer paper. Despite this, screen printing is very versatile as it also allows printing on various other surfaces as well and not just tshirts or garments.

Remember to monitor your costs and to keep your overhead low while starting out. You may end up spending more money on the shirts rather than on the printing supplies themselves. And beyond the lookout for paint wastage. Make sure that you itemize all of your expenses and equipment.

One factor that is missed when handling a shirt printing business is that not enough effort goes into marketing. You should attend tradeshows and events where you can showcase your services and staff. Marketing on the Internet is also very important, try to create a website and be on all of the social networks. Have your customers offer testimonials . Maintain that relationships with customers and make sure they are fully aware of the value that you provide to them. You can also look to the export market for shirts if you are ready.

Most of all be prepared to run into some problems. There are a lot of tshirt printing business is out there that have come and gone. What distinguishes the successful are those who continue to work hard and maintain quality. It is easy to gain customers but once you lose their trust it is almost never recovered. Especially in the tshirt printing business in the Philippines.

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    I would like to learn more about t shirt printing business the do’s and pro’s.

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    Is there seminars available for this kind of business? I’m so interested on this shirt printing.

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    is there seminar available for this kind of business?

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