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2 July 2015
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2 July 2015, Comments: 3

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In the Philippines, whether in a hurry or hiring a full time designer, there are plenty of creative and talented designers or graphic artists to make your company logo or a design for an event. Don’t try doing it yourself! If you don’t have an in-house designer you can try these following tips to get a designer on the go. You don’t even have to meet with these designers in person, most are done through e-mailing and the phone. 

For pricing, it usually depends on the design. Make sure you give clear instructions on what you what and that high resolution copies are a must. Please include the price of revisions and agree on the number of times revisions are allowed, it will save you a lot of headache. Payment is usually half down before the project and then half after completion. 

You can try to search the following sources for graphic design makers:

Craiglist ph – There are several designers on this website that can do. The site is simple and gets right to the point. We’ve had several customers rely on this for a last minute event in Manila or in the provinces. 

Google “graphic designers” – Google is your friend, or as a customer of ours would say “Igoogle mo gago”. Google can provide a quick list of designers in Manila or at least point you in the right direction. You can tailor your search result by adding the city such as “graphic designer pasig” or “quezon city graphic artist”.

Sulit ph.- Try looking under the printing or tshirt section. This is the local classified version of Craigslist but with much more entries and relevance. You can even buy a sublimation printing unit while you’re at it. They have an extensive selection of silkscreen printing supplies, be careful of resellers!

OLX This is Sulit’s cousin that never gets any love or the attention it deserves. If you run out of graphic designer options on Sulit you can try and give this site a go. The registration is slightly easier and the last time we checked, the interface was less cluttered and easier to navigate. 

Students – We’re not encouraging you to stalk but try hang out in front of STI or AMA college, there are tons of student designers that can do the design for a quick 1,000 to 2,000 PHP fee. 

Upwork – This place if you want long term graphic designers or short term project ones. They used to be called Odesk but they’ve since merged with ELance. The only downside is that most take in foreign clients but you can always negotiate especially since they are your kababayans. Most people do their transaction via bank deposit. We’ve used this service time and again here at Shirt & Uniform Outlet.

Lastly, do you have any friends? It’s not that difficult you can always as a coworker or a friend to ask around and eventually you’ll know someone that knows someone that can do that design for you.  

Make sure you ask for copies!

Good luck folks and as always, please look to Shirt & Uniform for any of your shirts and polos once you have the design.

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  1. Ma.Mariza Martinez says:

    Blue corner tshirt coloref hm 4 each pwde 300 pcs.

  2. Shirel Rivera says:

    I need 50 T shirt White with print
    BNHS CLASS ’83

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