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17 April 2014
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17 April 2014, Comments: 0

There are plenty of bids events in Manila when it comes to shirts or tee shirts. Head purchasing offices are usually located in Makati but there have been other offices in Manila and Quezon City where biding events occur as well. It starts out when companies apply to bid and on the date begin to offer their own bids. The lowest bid gets the contract for the shirts or uniforms. Sometimes, there are companies that are disqualified even if they have the lowest priced shirts. This might be because they failed to submit proper document or follow procedures.

As a supplier the main question is to whether produce the shirts yourself or to get them from another distributor. Here at the Shirt & Uniform Outlet, we can provide you with shirts that meet most company requirements. The only thing left for you to do is to add printing or embroidery. We can also do the printing if you wish. Our shirts will last and our sizing is accepted within most local companies in the Philippines.

As a bidder, you have to be able to provide a clear timeframe , a competitive price, and most of all good customer service when it comes to offering shirts. Check the delivery schedule and time on when the tshirts are needed. If you can, try to deliver ahead of schedule and give an allowance for delivery or printing delays. Double check the quantity breakdown and colors requested. Clearly label who the shirts are to. When the company chooses you or in the event that you win, your reputation is on the line. Maintaining a good relationship is equally important as having the cheapest low cost shirt.  Everything should run smoothly.






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