Sample Shirt Order Procedure

1 October 2013
Comments: 11
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1 October 2013, Comments: 11

Let’s try to recap a shirt purchase order through us in order to facilitate a smoother and faster transaction. These steps are only for shirt /polo purchases and does not include the printing process.

Step 1

Customer goes to our store, calls, or emails us the details of their order. The customers also checks if the colors are correct, what brand to chose, and the sizing fits based on samples given previously. 

Step 2

The Shirt & Uniform Outlet staff takes the order and informs the customer of the available stocks and gives an estimate price. Our staff makes it clear that the stock will be reserved for that customer should he / she make payment.

Step 3

The customer reviews the breakdown of the shirts and makes any last minute changes to the shirt order. It is important that from this point onward any new changes to the purchase order may not be served properly or may entail a different price.

Step 4

We get the stocks from our warehouses and prepare them. Unfortunately there is no individual per shirt packaging, we either place them in black plastic bags or large sacks which contain these said bags.

Step 5

When the items are completed, only then do we ask the customer to pay the full amount. We only releases items after they have been counted and whether payment has been confirmed. No money no release. The customer either picks up these items or the shirts are delivered.

Step 6 

Please count the shirts. Once you sign the receipt that says you received the items in good condition we cannot entertain any miscounts or lacking pieces. Before we prepare the shirts we count the items two times and by separate employees to ensure you get the exact amount of shirts.

Step 7

For additional shirt orders, we consider this a new invoice, so prices and discounts do not apply for the new or add on shirts.  Any returns or exchanges must be done within a two day period, be sure to bring your receipt. 

The Shirt & Uniform Outlet Staff

11 responses on “Sample Shirt Order Procedure

  1. lloyd t. ragudo says:

    good day..

    will be able to request a swatches if ever.

    I’m planning to established new business. supply of tshirt.

    more power. thanks

  2. jay tamking says:

    is your office in V.V. Soliven EDSA Ortigas open?

  3. Jocelyn A. Macapanas says:

    where can i see your establishment, or your address

  4. joji says:

    im planning to buy tshirt from your company next week, i would like to ask if how much you can give discount for a 2000 pcs.

  5. Arrianna says:

    How do I go about buying a set of sample for sizing purpose for whistler polo shirt sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, and 2XL? I live in Alabang. It’s OK for me to pay the delivery fee, rather than go to Binondo. Can I choose different colors for the 6 shirts as sample? Can I dirct deposit to your bank account?

    I read that whistler honeycomb polo is recommended for embroidery. Do you do embroidery? how much For pocket size, for 2 colors ?
    Our requirement is only 150 pieces for our Highschool reunion in March 2015

    Thank you:)

  6. Rita I Gulac says:

    If I order online can you ship it through LBC. I just want to pick it up in one of its outlet.

  7. Meriam Olson says:

    Do you ship overseas to Japan

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