Printing Request

When placing a t-shirt order along with printing, it would be best to send us a detailed e-mail that includes the print design in actual size, high resolution is preferred, and with instructions of the location. We want to help our customers by being available on e-mail and on the phone. Shirt printing is initially very confusing, and you can get tied down on the details, but the more information and clear communication you can provide, the better we can serve your order.

To get a rough estimate of the shirt printing cost

1. Find out three things, if the print is pocket sized or chest sized. Finally, how many colors are in the design? If the print is half of a chest consider it pocket sized.

2. Then based on the quantity of order and color you get the prices below on a per piece basis. So for example, if you have 400 pieces of a pocket sized print at one color each print would cost PHP 12.

3.  If it is below 100 pieces you will be charged a bulk fee, separate pricing if it is printed on dark or light tshirts.

4. This is only the printing cost, you must also pay for the cost of the shirt. The prices for the shirts are here.

5. Note that there are additional costs involved if it is printed on our honeycomb fabric, if the fabric is dark, and if it is on longsleeves. Add per piece accordingly.

To get a quote from is for a more accurate cost

1. Get the high quality version of the print.

2. Attach it and send an e-mail to

3. On the subject line please include the following FOR PRINT QUOTATION ATTENTION TO (Ortigas, Juan Luna, or Balintawak). Choose which branch is closest to you and we will respond as soon as we can.

Actual Order

1. Pay 50% percent of the total charge of printing and full payment for the shirts.

2. Wait for initial actual sample for approval.

3. 1-2 weeks for production then ready for pick up.

Printing Prices (subject to change)

Printing is screen printed water based.

Printing Price list 2013 001

Printing Samples  / Clients