FAQ / Sizing

Do you deliver? In Manila?
Yes. Kindly inquire for more details. Yes but for a 500-1000PHP fee depending on the location. We only deliver in quantities of 2,000 pieces and above.

What are your main product lines?
Round neck tees and polo shirts that come in single jersey and honeycomb.

What are your brands?
We carry the following shirt brands. Whistler, Southport, Softext, Comftex, Derbycock, and Flipper. These are all well known and trusted brands.

Where are the tshirts made?
Locally in the Philippines.

What is your main form of payment?
Cash or via direct bank deposit. Please note if you pay by check we will only release these items when they have cleared with the bank.

What is your minimum order for printing?
200 pieces.

What is your wholesale quantity?
40 pieces and above.

What is the minimum order for delivery?
1,000 pieces and above. But for in store purchases we allow 40 pieces as the minimum. This is only for Metro Manila.

Do you ship to the provinces?
Yes. We have a list of cargo shippers to the provinces. You must coordinate with them. Minimum order of 200 pieces for provinces.
1).AP Cargo Logistics – Reina Regente St.,Manila  Tel. No.: 2454600. 2.) South Seas Cargo  -Soler St., Binondo, Manila Tel. No.: 283-6893. 3) Jades Cargo  Soler St., Binondo, Manila,Tel. No.: 742-2732. 4.) Aglolos Trucking -P. Herrrera St., Tondo, Manila Tel. No.: 242-5838.

What is the procedure for delivery to provinces?
1. Meet the required amount
2. Call the the shipping numbers and pay them the fee
3. Pay for your shirts
4. We deliver the items to the shipper in Manila
5. NOTE: There will be a delivery charge for our personnel to bring it to the shipper.
100-200 pieces / 150 PHP
300 -500 pieces / 250 PHP
600- 800 pieces / 350 PHP
900 – 1200 pieces / 450 PHP
1,300 pieces and up / 600 PHP

BE reminded this is apart from the cargo fee.

Do you assigned us a promodizer?
Kindly remember which promo assisted you to follow up your orders.

How long does printing take?
Around one to two weeks.

Do all branches have stocks?Our Juan Luna banch is fully stocked, the other branches may require two to three days for delivery of items.

How you deal with returns?
We give an allowance of 2 days to return or exchange items. NO cash refund. Please bring the receipt. 🙂

How many branches do you have?
3. Juan Luna, Ortigas, and Balintawak / Quezon City.

Where are your shirts produced?
All of our items are made in the Philippines.

What is the composition of the shirts?
65% polyester and 35% cotton.

What is the sizing?
Our price list indicates the L and W in inches. Our shirts are not tight fight and are usually more than enough. Free size is considered large.

What are your office hours?
All branches M-Sat 9am to 5:30pm. Sundays depending on the month.

What is Shirt & Uniform’s email address?

What type of printing do you do?
Water based screen.

Do you shirts fade? What type of dyeing do you do on your shirts?
Our shirts color last from one to two years depending on your washing practices. We do direct dyeing on shirts.

Do you sell retail?

Do you have the lowest prices?
Yes, our prices are either the same or lower than most tshirt manufacturers in the Philippines.

What is the GSM / thickness of our shirts?

Brand                    Description                                  GSM

Whistler              (R/N,CVC Pet)                            210 GSM

(H/C)                                    185 GSM
                               (L/S)                                     210 GSM

Flipper                  (R/N,L/S)                                  180 GSM
Softex             (R/N, Cvc Pet., L/S)                        220 GSM
                                (H/C)                                195-200 GSM
Southport        (R/N, Cvc Pet., L/S,H/C)              115 – 127 GSM