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10 May 2014
Comments: 13
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10 May 2014, Comments: 13

We often get asked if we carry Blue Corner shirts from Manila, the short answer to this is no we do not carry these shirts. There are a couple of reasons why we do not offer our customers Blue Corner shirts, and here they are:

Blue Corner shirts are too expensive. In today’s market and reality, we need affordable t-shirts. Whistler is cheaper at almost the same quality as Blue Corner shirts. This gives you a larger budget to purchase other company uniform requirements. If you want to spend that much we suggest Lifeline shirts.

Blue Corner Philippine shirts began a long time go but have deteriorated in quality. They are still made of cotton but the composition is different compared to in the past. Whistler only compromises a bit yet maintains the same thickness as the Blue Corner brand.

Blue Corner does more shirt printing as one of their core businesses hence there is a conflict of interest when you begin you shirt purchases with them. The Shirt & Uniform Outlet only does shirt printing as a value added. We are in the business of wholesale shirts. This alone keeps us busy and preoccupied.

Blue Corner used to get fabric from one of our associate companies but we were told did not end up finishing the deal. We find this an indicator of poor business practices.

Blue Corner has no/few physical location or as many distributors as Whistler shirts, therefore it is harder to receive proper customer service and resupply last minute shirt orders through them. If you have any problems you should be able to reach any of the Whistler distributors with ease and convenience.

Blue Corner is still a decent brand and still receives praise on occasion,  but most companies looking to service higher volume t-shirts usually go with Whistler, Flipper, and Southport. What’s most important in the end for serious shirt suppliers is availability and steady supply, all of which we here at the Shirt & Uniform try our best to keep consistent.


13 responses on “Blue Corner Shirts & Whistler Shirts

  1. eloisa says:

    is it possible to order t-shirts with out your label ?

  2. Jane T. Sagun says:

    I am looking for a supplier if polo shirts & T shirts that I am soon planning to sell in one of d malls. Can you give me quotations for all sizes & colors? But I prefer the cotton one. Do you give discounts for bulk orders? Min.order is 100pcs. I
    I hope to hear very soon. Thank you!


  3. martin b. dumalasa says:

    just want to know how to make orders in your company.. we’re in bicol, particularly in Calabanga, camarines sur…today i need 200 pcs or more blue corner shirts from xxs, xs, s, m,sizes…i want a wholesale price…how much would it cost?and the delivery charges?please contact me asap .please!

    martin b. dumalasa

  4. do you have long sleeve shirts for kids sizes 6.8.10 please reply asap 09178169709

  5. Vanessa says:

    Hello, Im looking for T-shirt supplier for I am engage into printing services, can u pls send me quoatation? Im only located in Cubao, thanks

  6. how much po bluecorner with colar?

  7. Arnel says:

    Magkano po blue corner mint green?vnek po)TY

  8. Lolita Odi Marcelo says:

    Kindly send me prices according to sizes.And give me diff. colors u have,thank you!

  9. Celeste says:

    Requesting factory price list and beaches can I buy.

  10. Atline says:

    Hi i would like to order 200 pc shirts???

  11. Leticia Tenoria says:

    Do you sell white cotton retaso (scrap)? I am interested to buy this scrap to make basahan.

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