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About Us

Greetings! The Shirt and Uniform Outlet is a leading corporate and government (Basic Tees, Tshirts, Polos) wholesale shirt supplier with over 10 years of experience. We are based in Manila, Philippines. We deliver tshirts to all the provinces and provide printing of shirts. Kindly inquire as to whether you meet the minimum requirements for these. We have 3 outlets / branches that sell these affordable shirts. We’d like to take this opportunity to become a supplier of garments and corporate wear to your company.

Our tee shirts /polos are used for giveaways, elections, promotion, and uniform needs.

Attached is our price list and location map. We can include samples of our products by request.

We Have The Following Brands. We have semi-exclusive distributor deals with:

Whistler, Southport, Softex, Flipper, Derbycock, Komftex, Shirtex

We Do Not Carry The Following Brands:

Yalex, Blue Corner, Kentucky. 

Reasons to choose us:

Fast Delivery – We have standby delivery anywhere and anytime. Inquire for delivery rates.
Great Quality – We’re serious about comfort and durability. All items are made in the Philippines.
Affordable Pricing – Our products which is why all our prices are cheaper than the competitors.
Printing – It’s easy to set up and order printed logo so you can truly be unique. (Printing min order of 200 or more).
Choice Variety – Our items and colors are available the whole year round.
We Deliver – For orders of 500 and above



501 Juan Luna St. Binondo, Manila

Shirt Uniform Juan Luna


963 A. Bonifacio Ave.,Balintwak Quezon City

Shirt Uniform Balintawak